Autodesk Maya...and the pain...and joy of it all

>> Monday, September 15, 2008

So luckily, we have survived the beginning of school and the purchase of Maya.
Maya, is the super intensive, do anything 3D animation program, and Ryan is catching on to it better than I could have dreamed. In the first month of school he has made a salad bowl, a bath tub and a koi fish. (This is just the stuff he has showed me)

He makes the animation part look easy, but all the buttons and commands make me realize its not at all. Its an amazing program and it is perfect for all that Ryan has ever dreamed. I have so much more respect for the feature length cgi films, because they would be sooo hard to make and take so long.

The program has taken up a lot of his time, as well as his other classes, but this gives me ample time for my school, so for the time being it works. Sorry if we've become hermits, we haven't meant to, but school had other plans for us.


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