Worst Fears

>> Thursday, August 28, 2008

My worst fears have been realized, I miss music, wholeheartedly in my life. I miss playing in an orchestra and band, but most of all I miss the Bassoon. Admittedly, I was not dedicated, and was swayed after High School to stop playing.

I no longer had access to a bassoon, but my heart would never stop yearning. After I had been married for a year, my husband got me a digital piano, the perfect size for our pint size apartment. It is a connection to the ethereal, but in this busy world it seems there is still no time.

Ryan on the other hand makes time for his musical love and as he does so the rest of his life comes into balance. His guitars are displayed in our apartment for easy access for his constant playing urges. He inspires me, by far my musical superior, and he lives his life like he plays.

It is impressive, and freeing, not tied down to just one way of thinking, constantly evolving. His musical style has changed since I have met him, and its just one of the many things that leaves me in awe.

Last night I had my 3 hour long Opera Appreciation class. It was fantastic. The music touched me in ways that I had long forgotten. The beauty of opera energizes me, it is a pleasant change to the grinding metal of construction. For the class we are going to attend Capitol Theatre’s Madame Butterfly, and I am happily anticipating the date.

At least if I can’t play the bassoon, I can appreciate the performances of others who do.


Lynn November 5, 2008 at 1:53 PM  

y he Angie! I just barelyboojmarked these other blogs of yours so I have some catching up to do. Unfortunately I find that my "worst fears" have also been realized as I miss music. I am horrified that I have given up on it completely: singing, piano, dancing, even new listening music. My predicament is opposite yours, though. My husband is not that interested in the performing arts (exception being Coldplay concerts). I am still shocked that we like each other. Haha, just kidding. :) Janson's brother once said, "I'm so glad we don't have any obsessed performers in our family." At first I was annoyed that he was so dense, and then I realized that none of his family know I'm one of those "obsessed performers." I hope you can find a good music outlet, I haven't given up hope on myself.

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