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>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some things to know about me.

I like things for their uniqueness, and that uniqueness is stripped away from whatever when it is over played, used, seen etc. Variety is the spice of life, why should I force feed myself the same commercials, the same songs, the same haircut, the same style, the same things as everyone else. It logically makes no sense to me, and seems like mindless little lemmings have taken over.

Lemmings, ah the good ol’ days when you were taught as a child how to control lemmings, let them sacrifice each other and other manipulative things. It seems we were in fact in training to manipulate everything around us.

I feel like that when I hear the same answers to questions from 10 different people, its disconcerting, like we really have less decision in life than we give ourselves credit for. Making decisions, and finding things on our own accord is the adventure. Its awesome, and it is dreadfully awful to see something once loved turned on its head and become overplayed drivel.

Jason Mraz’ I’m Yours is one such victim. We played this song at our wedding, on our slideshow, wedding video, because I bought the EP 2 years ago, when it was newly released and still unknown, and I loved it.

2 years later its everywhere, everyone plays it, you can hear it in cars next to you when you are stopped at a light. Poor Jason, he is too talented to want just one song of his to be everywhere, he’d much rather prefer it to be 4-5 songs moderately played and he is too rebellious to want it to be one of his less witty songs.

A way for Angie to avoid the manipulation of marketing is through Pandora Radio. Made by the music genome project to show how you can jumpstart your own personal radio station with just one song, or band. You can skip songs and tell the station you don’t like it, the future of radio indeed and there are no commercials, and its free.

Last FM is obnoxious, and I hated it, Pandora is far superior. Check it out, Pandora.com and never have to fall victim to overplayed songs!


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