My list of things that must go

>> Friday, July 25, 2008

I’m tired, I feel like writing so much more, but I can’t find the right things to say, or the right way of saying things.

So in honor of the Radio From Hell show on X96, I have decided to post my list of things that must go.

  1. People seemingly forgetting that although said dead actor put on a spectacular performance, it led most definitely to said actor’s own demise.
  2. Action Movies, this isn’t the first time I’ve griped about the meaningless drivel that makes it to the big screen for the masses.
  3. Contractor’s unprofessional and unethical persistentnes, I said no and I’m sorry I don’t have the information you need, you should leave now. What was that? You want me to call the person on VACATION who has the info you desire, why certainly, just a moment.
  4. Bad Sushi, it gives good sushi a bad name…
  5. Fast Food, its been making me sick lately…cursed hunger cravings on the go…
  6. Caffeinated drinks…they aren’t worth the hours of caffeine headaches one gets when one tries to rectify the dependency.
  7. Construction. It boggles my brain that one cannot get from one side of 1-80 to the other below 20th east until state street. That is 20 blocks, and typically out of the way, not making the gas crunch any easier.
  8. Advertising new gadgets for scrapbooking, I’m supposed to have sworn off the addiction until I have kids, but one gadget after the other seemingly makes it into my hands. The latest that are tempting me that must go off the market somehow are the cuttlebug and the cricut design studio. I must focus on being a poor starving student for yet another year.
  9. New York Bestseller Lists. So many people upon discovering that I am an English major ask me which of these I have read, the current answer none and I am quite proud of it. Meaningless drivel that the masses flock to, where an author writes about sex, drugs and alcohol, areas that hardly warrant literary recognition
  10. People who tell me I cannot do something. First it rather surprises me, and merely reinforces my own resolve.
  11. Judgmental People, I know it is an inherent thing, and even a quality animals use to have the survival of the fittest. But there has to be a healthy limit, and I think we go heads and tails above it.
  12. Fake people. You know who you are, ‘nuff said.
  13. People in general? People are stupid, individuals are smart.
  14. Chain Restaurants, think about it, the money doesn’t stay in the community more often than not. So start thinking about buying local. It travels by far less, and much more money stays in the community, benefiting people a lot more.
  15. Gas Prices. A car that costs $20.00 to fill last year should not cost $50.00 to fill this year. That’s it, I’m being a hermit, I have no intention of driving.
  16. Cuttlebug, I think I could probably make a device similar for under 20, and yet you boast the exuberant price of $80.00. Why dost thou torture me?
  17. Time, its said to be relative, so why cannot it just be done away with? It’s a devious being consistently mucking up my life.
  18. People who complain and do nothing, that’s why our country is in the state its in, from silly pacification from overworked alienated beings. Lemmings anyone?
  19. Oneuppers, can’t we just send them all to a state no one cares about? They do no good, and are typically rather miserable beings.
  20. Upgraders, how is one supposed to be content, when everything in life is targeted to makeoneself feel that what one has is not, nor was it ever, good enough.

    If you finished reading, I apologize for the overly negative vibe, its 3:47 on a Friday afternoon after a holiday few people consider a holiday. It has been a long week, and somehow this Monday magically turns into a Friday.
    If you haven’t picked up I’ve rather overwhelmed myself, my own fault I agree, and yet I feel the society I grew up in and the position I currently hold has made it near impossible for me to say no. With this in mind, my list is a ranty way for me to fight back. I apologize, something better should be posted next time.


Brad & Mary,  July 29, 2008 at 11:20 AM  

You are most definetely a real person and I love real people.

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