Compartmentalizing and The Neurotices of My Life

>> Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So lately I've been stuck at a quandry as I'm trying to figure out what is appropriate for this blog and I've decided I have the answer, compartmentalizing. I think it might be a big project at first, but very worth it. This site will be turned into an update, my salute to writing blog is dedicated to my many rants and the essays I truly enjoyed writing and now are out for all the world to see. Included here will be updates on the evolution of Webisodes, theories on politics, and current outrages at the lack of change with society...

I have three more blog sites in mind, one dedicated to gizmo's and gadgets, which will hopefully have some input from Ryan; and the other with a more domestic vibe followed by one that is about my own spiritual growth. I'll post links to it on my sidebar.

Now I must explain, well after talking to people, I discovered just how fish out of the water different my blog is from most, and I began debating on what audiences would enjoy what. Out of shear frustration I began A Salute to Blogging with a warning post, warning people that they may not enjoy it, but that then they just shouldn't read it.

So now I give a similar warning for the mini blogs I'm working on, they are kindof genre specific, because
A) I couldn't stand just writing whatever I wanted without some sort of continuous theme.
B) I was tired of trying to figure out what each audience would appreciate.

My solution other genre specific blogs, and my neurotices will be satisfied.


Mary July 29, 2008 at 11:13 AM  

sounds good, the writer in you is now free!

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