Why I am Not a BYU Fan

>> Friday, June 27, 2008

Growing up in the valley, it seems people were always so blindsided to the differences between the U and the Y. It was always so irritating, and it still is, to have people bow down and worship the Y. I think the Y is a great school, but it was by far, no longer the best choice for me.

My parents both attended the Y. However, my dad was from a small town in Wisconsin and he did not grow up with a lot of members. I believe BYU's are for these people, to give them a chance to meet a lot more members. My mom, born and raised in Utah, went to the U first and then the Y, or the Y first and then the U...either way she attended both.

Now especially, with strong institute programs available at more schools, the reason for Utahns to attend a private religious school is gone. For all those still devout Y fans, good for you, but it doesn't and never will make sense, to be rooting for a football team on the grounds that it is the "lords school", and when the majority of the players are not actually LDS.

For those parents that brainwash there children thus, I ask a simple question, "Why?" How does it benefit a child to grow up bashing another University? Bashing education? now who is the tyrant?

The reason I make this stand is because, recently, I was talking to a cousin from out of state who was discussing with me all of the biases of all the BYU's. We talked about how someone from out of state has a much better chance of getting in to BYU, how foreign people have a better chance to get into BYU-H, and how BYU-I is really the only school where I would have an equal chance of getting into. I think BYU has its place, but not for people who have access to great institutes where they already live.


Lynn November 5, 2008 at 2:25 PM  

I have to say it was really niceti have gospel perspectives added to my lectures at BYU. This was especially fun in my English classes. It taught me to think more about my own beliefs and standards in comparison to the media I consume.

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