The Writer's Strike

>> Thursday, January 17, 2008

As an English Major the current Writer's Strike boggles my brain. Who are these corporate bigots who aren't really giving credit where credit is due. Why are they hoarding money that in a sense doesn't belong wholly to them.

This week has been proof that the writer's deserve a lot more than what they are even asking.
The Peoples Choice Award's Show had its viewers cut in half because of the lack of witty remarks to be said. Proving again that the actors are only half of the product, and only the eye candy part really.

A friend and I got into a debate about how the writer's aren't using everything in their arsenal. He believed that the lack of a "real" threat is what is holding networks from caving. I don't think it is as easy as he thinks, first they would have to come up with a new show, pay for advertising, and hope that word gets out. That and I am quite sure that they still need to eat and live off of this new venture....

Anyway, now is when networks will be hurting, movies and shows are being put on hold. Its a rejuvenation for the nation as well, a proposed 10% of all viewers of current shows will not return to watching after the strike is over. I'm sure the equation would look more like

(x-t(.0001))y=v where v is new viewer number, x is original viewer number, t is time or weeks that the strike will last and started at 0 and progessively decreases at 0.0001 a day and y is time of year, for example for tv shows where summer and winter is 1/2 and spring and fall are 1; for movies summer and winter are 1 and spring and fall are 1/2.

So if the strike goes until may 5, an approximated 6 months and around 180 days for a show with 3 million viewers

This is for the summer season, but still the networks will be losing a lot of money, and I think, it completely serves them right for trying to get by with reality tv....

Issues like this are one of the many reasons why being an editor, over a writer, is much more consistent, and thus my choice. And Editor's get paid more typically.


Rebecca January 17, 2008 at 4:45 PM  

Here here! Everytime someone bothers me about the writer's strike I say "Good for them! You go outside maybe. Read a book!"

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