>> Thursday, January 24, 2008

Logically and by all means I am very happy about life, but, and this is a resounding but, they are remodeling my office. Everyone besides 7 of us have been relocated, instead we get to deal with all the noise and dust that comes with construction. Wasn’t that thoughtful? I guess I shouldn’t complain because my office is in charge of all of the construction on campus…

But seriously, the chi will just be terrible, work will be underproductive and the whole office, save 3 who got nice shiny private offices with windows and doors and privacy, will all be this way. I am whining, but they are putting the Mulitmedia in my space, the fax machine and one huge copy machine and two bug printers.

My area will be one big humming space, just like the Cricut that hums and makes me fall asleep. Which means, I will be a lot more tired!




Except, I have a real plant that has brought drastic improvement into my work space. I have only had the plant for a week, and it is still alive. I have one slightly odd idea, perhaps if I make my already crowded space even more crowded, but with real plants. I am intrigued, but who knows if I will actually do anything about it. Only time will tell.

Speaking of time, on Saturday, Ryan moved our piano to where the Christmas Tree was. This resulted in moving things around. The Cable cord came out of the TV and it was like an Epiphany. Lately, there has been no time to just unwind, and the little time that should be spent on other activities typically get pushed aside for HGTV or TLC. These networks seem to have no importance in the WGA vs Networks issue, but no more. TV leaves one even more tired and even cranky at times.

I remember in our first apartment when we didn’t have TV. It was lovely, because the TV was not a focal point in the front room and quite easily ignored. I think, as a student ad working full time, I have no business attempting to watch TV. Time is valuable, time is meant doing things instead of lying dormant on a sofa watching never doing.

Vicariously living, while being great for short time periods, should never be a long term affair. It is damaging when over done, when people connect to other people through a scripted tv show, I worry.

People always mock me for turning on captions, but it makes me feel like my brain is doing something. Reading is not a spectator sport, it is much more involved than watching TV is. It gives the reader control over how violent scary sappy and fantastic the story is. TV is flat and has no depth. Why should people desire to come home from work and turn it on? The strange habit is bothersome and teeters with bouts of depression.

Speaking of Serotonin, the sun is shining today, but who can be tempted by the thought of spring when we all know we have at least another month of cold weather below freezing. And yet, who can’t be teased with the idea of tulips and green grass and trees budding new leaves? Who can avoid the idea of going hiking? Running, Walking, Playing and enjoying the beauty all around us? Who can be forced to stay in the dark dismal atmosphere of man made monstrosities?

It’s a no brainer, spring needs to start early.


Rebecca January 25, 2008 at 6:55 PM  

I work in the Key Bank building sometimes, and they're doing construction on it. They're removing the parking garage next to the building AND UNDER IT. The building is "earthquake proof" so it's on those roller thingys which as a result of the construction make the building shake every 5 minutes. It's incredibly scary whenever I'm working and it suddenly feels like a mini-earthquake.

Mary February 5, 2008 at 11:11 AM  

is this how you comment?

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