Reminiscent (A Dark Villanelle)

>> Friday, January 12, 2007

They left me here to watch the phone
The one who wouldn’t go, she owned
The reason why was dark and bleak
But still she should have been over this within a week.
A white holiday of mind turned black from the crime
And a small comfort then grew with hatred to harden,
The heart which lies within, a mark of misery from the act.

“A stumbling act, the girl remarked really this ought to be a fact!”
A message replayed of a giddy girl telling of the adventure missed on my phone
But this was not all for a little while later she would show just what had owned
her, a darkness creeping through the pipes consuming all that was light until there was a leak,
a break was all that was required till someone finds the urge to scream “Eek!”
a break was all that was required for this sad little rhyme
a whimsical creature “ken it shar den

and the gargoyle waits for his shell to harden
reluctantly admitting to the heinous act
the guilt seeps into the veins looking for the right place to hone
in, but a jealous cloud tinged of green showed a grimace to be loaned
at the idea to be so meek
it made the cloud tweak
and what to this ill rhyme

meant to last for all of time
and not meant to harden
a forlorn sigh resounds as a matter of fact
and there is nothing left to hone
no lies, no shows, no faces which were all owned
the face of the bird snaps its beak
and flies away for bluer skies to seek

the arms and hero not so meek
now, a war of rhyme
has ended for it this time
and nobody is willing to unharden
only a short while later it is strange for you to react
but there is something wrong with making a loan
and something so right about being condoned
for your personal feelings to seek.

Never forget those who die
And never leave others to do so.


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