Appendix-less & Grateful

>> Thursday, September 29, 2011

Its been a while and so much has happened and continues to happen I’m just not really sure where to start.

First off, 86 degree days make me long for the pool to be open.
So Ryan did spectacular in the play. Performing and movement are some of his strongest talents. I can list some of the areas where I’ve seen this manifested below:

• Singing (the first time I heard him sing classically my heart melted)
• Composing (he really likes to make sure he chooses notes for a specific sound and not just for a filler)
• Cooking (cooking is a type of performance, you orchestrate the entire kitchen to make a meal come together at the correct time)
• Animation (Ryan has an eye for showing movement and recreating something that looks so second nature and natural)
• Film (Ryan’s well rounded degree allowed him the tools to show movement, but the one I specifically have in mind is his capoeira documentary)

Those are just a few examples of what I’ve noticed and been thinking about lately. I am talented at watching and listening. I love just sitting and chatting. I also just love whole nights to myself.

Last night was such a night after a whirlwind 2 months including Josh getting home, the play, cabining with friends and fam with Link & Odin, a trip to the ER, an unplanned emergency appendectomy, my birthday, a service auction, hoa meetings, newsletters.

First, I feel so blessed and my heart was so full of gratitude for the family support on both sides when we were in the ER. Second, for all the friends, family and neighbors that took care of Link & Odin, made us dinner, and spent time with us to make sure everything was ok, and tidied up for us. Third, I’m so so glad Ryan’s appendix did not burst after four days of pain especially up at Moon Lake.

And if it had to happen sometime, it was a pretty ok time for it to happen. Modern medicine is amazing 3 small scars and Ryan is back to normal.

I’m so grateful to people who go into medicine for a profession, they made our impromptu trip to the hospital less inconvenient and were very amiable people. Although we were so grateful to be released the same day Ryan was operated on because you cannot sleep in a hospital. There is too much constantly going on with people checking on machines and monitors and giving people more pain medication. And being able to stay and help Ryan through all of it just made me love him more.

Last night I cleaned, 2 weekends out of town, and a hospital stay makes for backed up laundry. And backed up laundry makes for piles of clothes to be folded and put away or to be washed. Dishes are all up to date and I went through tons of old papers and got rid of or shredded tons of unneeded documents. When I first got married, I piled mail, but now it gets opened, looked at, filed, shredded or tossed. Its an awesome system that Mary tuned me into.

Speaking of organizing, Fall in Utah is hard to dress for because it still feels quite a bit like Summer with a few trees starting to show signs of turning, but that’s the weather eh, always changing or being what you least expect.
And life is pretty much about change, be it constructive growth, or change for the worse. But my gut is telling me being appendix free is the way for Ryan to be.

PS. Sorry there are NO pictures, I promise Halloween pics after October.


Chelsey October 2, 2011 at 9:17 PM  

I'm SO glad he's ok! We had no idea he had it out. How long ago was this? When did you go to Moon Lake? My family goes there every year during the summer and it's my favorite spot on the planet! How are you doing? Keep me posted if there is anything we can do. Love you guys!

ang October 3, 2011 at 10:07 AM  

I'll be sure to pass on the well wishes. Thanks so much. He got it out September 7, we got back from Moon Lake September 5. It was a blast up there. We went out on the lake in some paddle boats and it was very beautifule. The hospital stay was crazy to say the least.

Other than that we are doing well but thanks for the offer.

PS I want to stay a reader of your blog when you go private so please send me an invite.

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