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>> Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As I have purged my closet, Ryan has also purged his. He’s getting rid of shirts that he’s held onto for far too long and embracing a more grown up and adult look. He’s getting noticed and getting calls back although nothing in stone. But after so many months of nothing its really nice. He’s making connections this semester that I don’t know if he would have otherwise. He’s changing and getting ready for life post school. Maybe its ok that grad school didn’t pan out, we’ll see. I’m grateful for where we are and how much we have been through in the last 10 months. We’re both growing so it’ll be interesting to see where the future takes us.

If it wasn’t for Link and Odin I’d be pretty lonely with all these quiet evenings. As it is I’ve been able to relax with my cute little pups.

Our neighbor’s car was broken into this week, though it’s replaced I’m a bit more squeamish when I go out because its hard to imagine a random act of violence happening again. Our car was parked right next to it, but for some reason our car wasn’t messed with. Link and Odin’s seemingly random barks don’t seem quite so random. Who does that? Breaks into someone’s property and treats it so disrespectfully? It’s awful to know that no matter where we go this kind of stuff can always happen.

My feeling on having less is that it does make you prioritize what you have and what you hold dead, but I think, for me, if I only had black and white things it wouldn’t work. I would be incomplete, because I love color. That’s why the fall is my favorite time of year with all the bright vivid colors dancing around.

We are dressing up Link and Odin for Halloween as their namesakes. We think its fairly clever but the project has proven more challenging than first thought. Because we are making them its taking a lot of time, but it will be well worth it when we unveil them in their costumes. Otherwise fall is in full force at our home with cute spray painted pumpkins and fall/Halloween decorations throughout. This week’s to do list includes finishing a photobooth backdrop and polishing silver. Sounds like fun right?


Kiley October 21, 2010 at 6:10 PM  

I'm sorry about the loneliness and the car-break-in. It sounds like things may soon be working out for Ryan. Good luck with that!

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