The Weekend Summary, The Pups and Ska Giddiness

>> Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Improv show was awesome and beyond well attended. The venue has a fire code of 240 and the crowd numbered 213. So the Antics have locked in on the 10:30-12:00 timeslot for the upcoming year. Good for them. Ryan has video he'll get up with his professionally obsolete mini dv camera (that is still really awesome, it just doesn't have hd). PS the sound was recorded with the same camera.

Saturday we went to somewhere that I've never been, the Murray ampitheater where we saw my cousin in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Lindsey did a phenomenal job for her young 17 years. After 5 years of being on an on again off again family and friends performance hiatus, its good to feel like I have time to support the people I care about and see them shine. And who doesn't love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? It references the Aeneid and every time I giggle at the wittiness of the writing. We watched it in my second year latin class and wrote a comparisson essay on the connection of the Sabine women to the 'Sobbin' women in a modern day interpretation and what can be lost from translations.

So that play holds a special place in my heart for special torture reasons and other nerd related aspects.

Odin ripped out a few of his stitches so we put some neosporin and a bandaid on and basically straitjacketed him in a blanket for a few hours. He's good and there was probably no real harm done, but we didn't want Link or him to continue pulling out stitches.

Last night when Ryan got home I had a ska playlist playing and the puppies were moshing (jumping and excited to see Ryan) and I told Ryan its a sign that he needs to like ska. He laughed and teased me, but agreed to go with me to the Reel Big Fish and The Aquabats show in October! I'm so excited, concert going without Ryan is lame and last time I saw The Aquabats I had no defense from the mosh pit. But here is my proof, recorded so that Ryan can't renege. Yay!


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