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>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Its funny how the little things seem to make all the difference. As of the last 5 days, we are officially not living in the village and are getting situated in our new home. I still get rather giddy at the fact that my washer and dryer are on the same floor and right next to each other. I’m excited to do laundry. We eat food, rinse off the plates and put them in the dishwasher. The sink stays empty as much as possible now and everything feels like its coming together in a non-cinderblock wall home.

I can put holes wherever I want to. My stuff looks crazily uncluttered. Well, at least on the main level where everything is coming together really nicely.

The other level, well I try not to think about it, the boxes strewn everywhere and it looks like my closets threw up clothes. Not to mention getting rid of our Full size tetanus ridden, rain stick sounding bed and relying on a King Memory foam mattress. As of this moment in time there is no frame or box for. Its on the ground and while it is ridiculously comfy and has made my back feel better in 4 nights than it had felt for a long time. But, its going to throw all my daydreaming d├ęcor ideas out the window. Sigh, I used to think King Size was blingy and in your face and now I get to experience it first hand. It is definitely a good thing and we are so lucky that we could get a replacement mattress before I got the back of an 80 year old over night. However, we still have many disagreements, the mattress and I, about space utilization and practicality.

About these insanely awesome little things that make my heart flutter with trepidation is our new vacuum. Our old one broke shortly after the Fall and enduring helping 2-3 people move it deserved to end its services.

So, we got a silly device that makes me exceedingly happy.

We got an iRobot Roomba that vacuums all by itself. I feel like I’m watching a video game when its on but yay for the Roomba and being able to be the little vacuum that could in my life.

Sure it makes me feel lazy, but seeing as we found it for a steal it makes it all that much more awesome to me.

This little gadget got under my furniture where a normal vacuum wouldn’t and I could be doing many other things whilst the little bot works.

Roomba = time saver; Time Saver = a happy non burned out or overwhelmed Angie.

Yes this is a very, very good thing.


Kiley February 24, 2010 at 5:28 PM  

Wow - I'm excited to meet your vacuum! And I'm so excited for your new home - little things are exciting, aren't they!

Elyse Marie February 24, 2010 at 5:49 PM  

Ang! Sounds like you are living the life, and I agree that we should commiserate together over ignorant people lol. Miss you too! We should get together and catch up soon, I haven't seen you in ages!

Bret and Angela March 4, 2010 at 8:33 PM  

Hey Ang, I found your blog:) Isn't it funny how after living in the village, you think things like a washer/dryer & dishwasher are the best things ever?? We got a dishwasher after 2 years of living here & it is my bff! And I can only imagine how amazing a washer & dryer on the same floor would be! Congrats on your new place!

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