>> Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I love my job, my department, the people I work with, the location. Its a lovely working environment post remodel.

There are only a couple things I can't quite get my head around, the people who call me Miss or Angela, people who wait for me to get off a personal phone call who aren't my boss or supervisor, and the people who are whiny when I haven't gotten to a task because they aren't at the top of my work priority list.

I'm a secretary, but I'm also an executive secretary, meaning more for specific people. However, and this is partially my own fault, certain people will come over and interrupt me in the midst of a task for my bosses or supervisor and plead to have something done immediately.

This is most prevalent with females over males, but males are also just as culpable of this.

Why is it that they don't seem to understand that I can help them when I have time aside from my other tasks, but their crises or issues with lack of time doesn't mean I report to them immediately.

I get interrupted so much these days because I don't like to tell people no, and their are people who have completely taken advantage of this. This time last year I wasn't this busy and my tasks and assignments seem to have multiplied to the point where getting part of my office clear of tasks and papers is a monumental task.

What are good ways of telling someone no without sounding like I have a bad attitude or whiny?
What do you do to make sure this doesn't happen to you?


Katie G January 27, 2010 at 5:11 PM  

Hi! How are you doing? I've never really had this to deal with, but I think being assertive is the right way to go - I'm sorry, I can't I have another big project going on. It couldn't help to keep your desk crowded so it always looks like you have a lot going on (I hate it when my desk is messy, but it does make it look like your busy).

You graduate in May, right? Me too! No grad school for me right away...I need a break from school! I'm looking for a full-time job now. What are your plans?

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