Wednesday's, Midterms and Functioning on Less Than Ample Sleep

>> Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So after a monumental evening of studying for Survey of Jazz I've discovered 3 things:

1-Knowing the movie "Swing Kids" and remembering detail about the musicians talked about has made the basics of this class a cake walk.

2-Going to sleep around 2 and feeling ill from being so tired is not a useful study habit.

3-6:00 is just too far away!

However, studying done my dreams were far from boring. We had a mesh of "Swing Kids" meets New Orleans. All the spinning (can music spin?) made me feel nauseous and while I do love Jazz and Swing for its many different styles and influences, listening to old recordings of songs is grating. I listened to over 21 tracks for my midterm tonight, and while I love the music, not being able to tell the difference between what should sound like a tenor sax and a kazoo is less than ideal.

Oh well, test in less than 8 hours and we can put last night behind us. However, it would be nice if the test was sooner than that, I'd like to have a nice relaxing evening tonight.

Also, going to sleep in a trance induced spinning state is what I imagine being hungover to be like. No Bueno.! Room spinning disorientation coupled with crazy pressure on head plus nausea, how is that worth the so called 'fun' night? It gives me anxiety just remembering. Ah well, it is worth feeling over prepared for my test.

I will conquer you!

However Math Midterm, we still have a bit of a conflict to resolve. If I could willingly choose to never deal with a topic, it would be Statistics. You think I'm joking huh? Well funny story, I prefer algebra with all its lengthy calculations as opposed to all the inferring done for stats.

I know I know, a certain Math teacher cursed me back in High School when I dropped AP Calc. He said I'd regret dropping math my senior year of highschool, and well that curse has be reaffirmed throughout my college career.

Its just relearning processes is less than ideal for me. I hate relearning how to do things. I hate feeling like this is something I've already learned and yet there are cobwebs and shadows making the knowledge just out of reach. I have a philosophy for school everything should be like riding a bicycle, you never forget. This semester has been full of items on the opposite side of the spectrum than the skill of riding a bike and that I disdain.

However, all is not lost and lots of great material is being tackled and learned. I just am not a math person anymore (if I ever was), but I am half way through NEVER needing stats ever again. YAY!


Brad & Mary,  October 7, 2009 at 4:25 PM  

Hurray for almost being done with math:)I am not a math person either.

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