7, Count Them, 7

>> Monday, October 19, 2009

7 Weeks until finals. 7 more weeks of kill me semesterdom and then finals, it just sounds so final.

Fall break was spectacular and has made the upcoming 7 weeks less overwhelming. We had a whole week off! Bless the U and their allotment of holidays. Other school around here gave people a mere day or if it was in Provo, they got nothing at all. Fal break is like Spring break so both semester require such breaks, to not give us a break like that would result in more emotional breakdowns and who wants that?

So here we are staring Fall in the face and enjoying every moment of spectacularly vibrant trees of course soon to follow is the leaf crunching time. I tell you what if there was one season I wouldn't mind seeing year round it'd be fall. The crisp air, the feeling of nature maturing and then near the end the harvest time, halloween, and lest we forget crunchy leaves.

Yesterday evening Ryan called me to look out the window and we saw a empty tree with zounds of leaves by our parked car. Of course we went outside and started crunching. And I'm glad we did because today I awoke to thunder and lightning. All the leaves were soggy and stuck to me as I walked to work. Thankfully I crunched an ample amount the night before to suffice all grumpiness I had with the Monday morning weather.

So ambitiously I'm crunching away at the end of the semester, leaving me with

7 more weeks of declensions and conjugations
7 more weeks of transribing
3 more weeks of a group math project....
7 more weeks of jazz and a concert.

To reiterate a very wise and ambitious builder:

Can we do(build) this?


-Bob the Builder


Brad & Mary,  October 19, 2009 at 7:02 PM  

Beautiful pictures:)

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