Rigid Order and Why It Has Stunted Me Until Now

>> Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Its not a secret that after years and years of mocking domesticity that I am slipping or rather embracing my crafty side.

I make cards, I've attempted scrapbooking and while its alright, I just don't feel the need yet.

However, I was talking to my mom about this sudden surge into my artistic side and I realized a few things.

I do not like when everything is prepped for me to put together, it limits letting my mind choose or discover for itself.

I will for ever loathe being told exactly how something must be done.

I look at my favorite hobbies, but they still have a lot of breathing room. They have never retorted back to me that I was doing it wrong.

In fact if I was doing something the exact same way someone else was, I think it might give me anxiety.

I love being different. Being exactly who I am. With my silly opinions that are both radical and conservative. I love freely choosing how to put a card together. My cards are incredibly spastic and not at all like what you can buy in a store. But one thing I realize, my cards are more for hand delivery than the mail service.

Ryan keeps telling me I should sell them, and I would, but when I make a card its with an occasion in mind and some sort of basic guidelines.

Trying to sell my cards means anticipating what someone would want or favor. He's funny my Ryan, but I just don't know that I could be so passionate about it if it became a job...

I came across an article where someone surveyed her family on what they would buy, or liked about cards for sale.

It left me feeling less than confident in my hobby. One thing that was clear across the board was that people didn't want to buy overly embellished cards, or cards with crooked sewing and distressing.

Its made me wonder if my cards I've given away as gifts have even been used...because if they haven't been, well then my whole project as a card maker is failed and the convenience and thoughtfulness of having a handmade card is thrown out the window.

A card I made last night featured ALL of the above problems that the general population had with homemade items. Now I'm not even sure if it is a nice gift.

Although, my ONE hope is that all those included in the survey were either prudish and old because my generation is not at all and my gifts so far seem to be well received. One friend who made fun of me for making a card set for her loved it, or she loved it to my face.

And so now to be near to being plunged back into that rigid order is both daunting and stupid.

I just hope my gifts continue to be well received.

What do you guys think?


Rebecca Frost July 15, 2009 at 3:29 PM  

The pictures you post always keep me interested! I think those cute little things you make are so original and, well, cute! I think you should continue to pursue it if it makes you happy.

Brad & Mary,  July 31, 2009 at 3:22 PM  

For my birthday one year Aunt Anne gave me some cards she had hand painted. I loved giving them away to people because I remembered the creater of the card and her thoughtfulness each time. Your cards are your art some may like, some may not but the true artist doesn't create for high opinions but rather for the simple sake of creating for their own joy and that is what others then appreciate.

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