The Efficiency of Two Screens

>> Friday, July 31, 2009

I just got two computer screens at work, and I cannot even begin to explain how much more efficient it makes me.

Not only am I more efficient, I print out a lot less and have less clutter on my desk.

It makes me so happy.

So it’s a relatively small change and yet it changed a lot of my perspective on life.

The desire for more ‘Space’ is an interesting concept. I don’t think people realize they have space, they just do not organize it properly.

This is true for Ryan and I, our second apartment is 100 or so square feet smaller than our first. We had lived in our first apartment for just 8 months, and yet we had taken up all the space. The apartment we are in now is under 500 square feet. It is frustrating and a challenge, but a good point for us to start from.

I have always thought homes did not have to be huge. With an excess of space family members are able to avoid one another and live as strangers. Its no secret that I do not like 2 story homes. They suck up the sky and make it difficult to admire the horizon. I know I belong in a home with character more one the bungalow scale of things. It would utilize all the space but not boast of vaulted ceilings.

So my small beginning makes me happy. It forces me to not consume as quickly as a larger abode might and its made the use of space a very important key.

Before Mary left for Turkey, Ryan and I humbly presented some issues we felt within our apartment and Mary proactively recommended changes and ideas to assuage the problem.

The problem is that we didn’t have a place for certain things and because of that, they were taking over our apartment. It is silly how problematic mail and pens can be but with order, not only is it easier to locate them, but to clean them up.

Mail is a truly interesting concept. While invitations and announcements are always welcome, other mail items are cumbersome, monotonous and pointless. Its silly because of all the payments and notices sent online to have another item to look at and sigh as its already been taken care of.

It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer tries to cancel his mail. He is kidnapped and threatened by multiple people, including his friend Newman about a bigger conspiracy.

Not that I believe it is a conspiracy, I just think that paper mail aside from invitations, thank yous, letters and announcements are unnecessary. I know most of mine are shredded into smithereens.

What do you do with unneeded mail?


Brad & Mary,  July 31, 2009 at 3:13 PM  

Mail is a necessary evil that must be controlled. My credit union does big shredding parties every couple months. I hold onto my to be shredded mail until these parties and then it is all gone. I'll let you know when this occurs. in the meantime.throw all the to be shredded mail in a garbage bag and go through new mail weekly this will help. Love ya

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