2 Days Home and The Pigs Are Already Calling

>> Sunday, June 21, 2009

The trip was blissful, relaxing and amazing. We spent lots of time with family and will have some great memories for a long time coming.

The lake was beautiful! and it was certainly nice that it's before algae season. The sunsets were breathtaking and certainly made the 24 hour drive there and back worth it.

We went to Mt. Olympus an amusement park in the dells and spent the majority of the day in this massive tide pool called Poseidon's Rage. It threw 9 foot waves at us every 5 minutes or so and was quite spectacular.

We had competitions to see who could stand their ground the best, who was thrown the farthest and gave each other tips on what was our favorite thing to do when the wave crashed down on us. The body surfing was awesome and if I had only played in their all day, it would be completely worth it.

Sidenote, more humid weather makes it necessary to let the sunscreen dry...and no 5 minutes just doesn't cut it. That's right, our sunscreen washed off after each recoating... But I would do it all again.

As far as the roller coasters go, they are fun, but I'm just too achey and old from my desk job that Wisconsin roller coasters just aren't for me.

The cheese was spectacular as only Wisconsin cheese is and we made multiple stops to Culver's for the custard. Lets just say it blows Neilsen's Frozen Custard completely out of the water.

The Drive home

The drive home was pretty good. Through Minnesota and Iowa though we drove through the most intense lightning show I've ever seen. The sky kept lighting up and there was no thunder. Often the lightning was connecting to another cloud and another lightning bolt would begin. I was driving for the majority of the storm, it was a lot like this.

At first it was just amazing and gave new interest to the drive accompanied to all of the songs we listened to. The best was "The Unforgiven" by Metallica as the lightning was in time with the song. I think the firework shows are going to be hard pressed to impress me more.

We stopped and got off the freeway because my nerves couldn't handle the floodlike rain that was pelting the car. I could only see the brakelights on the semi's ahead of me. The storm lasted for over the 3-4 hours I was driving. When we got off the freeway Ryan asked a guy at the Quiktrip if there were any tornado warnings. Well, where he was he didn't get signals...perfect, the middle of nowhere. The next day a call from my dad confirmed that there were tornado's all around us.

Good thing it was night and I couldn't see them, otherwise I don't think I could have been behind the wheel...

Another phone call on the way home warned us of jump in swine flu cases. And so waking up this morning and trying to get ready for church, Ryan's been complaining of having flu like symptoms. I feel fine at this point and am kind of confused at the level of quarantine that I need but I'm going to be really careful.

A HUGE thanks to my Aunt Toni who let us borrow her GPS, it was immensely useful and we didn't get lost once. Seriously, how do people live without GPS's?

Sadly this puts a damper on all of our Father's Day family plans but I'm sure everyone will be thrilled that we aren't exposing them to the illness.


Brad & Mary June 21, 2009 at 2:26 PM  

The trip sounds so fun, but so scary to drive through rain like that and a lightning storm and possible tornadoes. Glad you are safe. Take care of Ryan and tell him we hope he gets better soon!

Chelsey August 8, 2009 at 10:50 PM  

YAY!!! What a fun trip! I'm so excited to have your blog! Love you guys!

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