Epiphany and Nostalgia

>> Friday, April 3, 2009

Sitting at my desk working and something hit. Something was off and things were different from how they were a moment ago. There was a whir and a click as I remembered such changes from my childhood. “But I am inside, there’s no way that I could sense something like that in a building. I looked out the window and saw a rainy evening, but something tasted different. Something was letting me get so close to figuring out this mystery of what it was, only to take it away a moment later. And then finally it hit me. The atmosphere was electric with change. Perhaps just maybe Winter has had its last laugh, tormenting us with a white winter wonderland on April Fool’s day. Today is the first real day of spring.

Spring, a world electric with rebirth and second winds, a world where maybe just maybe, I will survive this semester unscathed. With a new charge and ambition lit within me perhaps Spring will bring more renewal, and new beginnings that we all can use.


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