Reality TV or Really Manipulated TV

>> Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So yesterday morning, before the crack of dawn, at 3 in the morning, I drove my hubby down to the Energy Solutions Arena (its still the Delta Center in my heart) to try out for American Idol. The night before, I told him that I support him in achieving his many many dreams, but that I thought American Idol was a manipulative evil publication.

Around 3:30, 12 hours later, he told me that he didn’t make it. I was relieved to have a husband again and when I got home from work crashed because my body was pretty upset at having been up at 3. Around 10, when Ryan rose from the dead, we finally started to talk about the process he had gone through.

He really wanted professional feedback, but however, received none. As it turns out the first try out the producers screen people to see the 3 judges; you have to be really amazing or really suck to pass. This is why when the blooper tryouts air there are so many terrible acts, and why the people are all but heart broken when they hear how bad they really are; screened and profited by other peoples humiliation this is what the producers are giving to us to watch.

I myself am terribly happy that Ryan was in the middle of both of these categories. Just something to think about as people watch the supposed reality TV.


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