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>> Thursday, May 22, 2008

So I’ve discovered something about my blogging schedule, I blog more frequently when I have a looming paper deadline. Typically I outline the paper and space it until the day before, I argue its not procrastinating because it is outlined and hashed out a bit so I can “think” through the topic some more. Another thing, that I can’t start from the beginning, and I can’t really write until I find a thesis, so what does one do when one is going through the motions and really has no lead? Usually I watch the 5 hour long Pride and Prejudice or another movie with English accents, like Much Ado About Nothing.

Contrasting, Edith Wharton movies are prone to giving me writer’s block. They are so sad, and stupid, typically the characters end up sad and alone because they can’t go against the grain for what would really make them happy. It seems so odd to me that anyone would let antiquated customs stand in their way of happiness. On the flip side, my sister likes Edith Wharton, I don’t understand how unless it is from a psychological point of view, the imagery is good but none of the novels end happily, and not even for a good reason.

Synopsis: Guy loves girl. Guy meets girls adventurous cousin, falls for cousin, gets married to girl, but can’t let go of the cousin, the girl is not adventurous or even imaginative, she only does what her society has allowed her to believe what is right. Almost leaves girl for cousin, girl is pregnant, stays with wife, but doesn’t fully love her, she has two sons, girl dies of pneumonia but tells son she knows her husband gave up someone he loved more to be with them, son confronts dad and son goes to see cousin, dad won’t go in to see cousin. The End

I do understand that the society was really harsh on the upper class, but it seems ridiculous to lead a life as portrayed by the synopsis above. Anyway, it is just maddening, and makes it so I can’t write because it bothers me so much. I’m ok if stories don’t end happily, but they should have good reasons, letting society, country and race keep you from being happy, and dying for love; are not good reasons.


Shiree May 24, 2008 at 8:18 PM  

Angie, awesome! Nothing like THE REAL "Pride and Prejudice" to get the thoughts flowing!

Lynn May 27, 2008 at 6:13 AM  

I blog more frequently when my two year old is cranky and prone to more tantrums. I need the quick, temporary escape from the small toddler bubble I live in. Or wait, is my two year old throwing more tantrums because I am blogging more frequently and thus giving my children the cold shoulder? Hhhmm... Good ol chicken or the egg.

alisquire June 4, 2008 at 10:48 PM  

I love Much Ado About Nothing (as well as Pride and Prejudice), but I did like the book 'The Age of Innocence' too.

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