The Wiiness of it all

>> Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So we got a Wii, Ryan broke down my defense, and convinced me of how we would really benefit from it. I know it seems like maybe I wasn't thinking that day, but it is pretty fun, and it makes me tired physically rather than making me want to fall asleep. I kept up my restraint for a long time, since the Wii first came out till a few weeks ago.

But I'm noticing a difference in reaction to how Ryan and I respond to the Wii. Ryan could play it for days whereas I could only play it for a few hours at most. This is weird to me, as it is summer and despite my being in school I should think Ryan would want to be more social, and go out and do stuff. He was sick for a whole week and I think I went more stir crazy than he did and I was only home after work.

Alas, the only real interest Ryan has in being social is in inviting people to play the wii. I figure the allure should wear off and instead of his focus being solely on a video console, in a few months he should be back to his social mellow self.


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