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>> Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Freewrite 8/24/07

There comes a point in ones life where one must rest and not push forward, I am sadly at this point. I do not know how it came about and the soul longs to learn, to read great pieces of literature. And now I am trying to read great pieces of literature, but it is seemingly harder for me to depict what book warrants reading and what warrants to stay on the shelf. I no longer have the ability to stop reading if I come across a book that should have been left on the shelf. This new discovery has allowed me to plow through most books I encounter, save one. Moby Dick. I have not yet reached the sea and yet it is a sure way for me to fall asleep. Herman Melville was a great author, but in my case, he might be a bit too good. The countless allusions tantalize me and I cannot wait until something I write tantalizes the reader in such a way.
But, the dry words surrounding such a way of life bores me to death. I do not care very much about the chowder they ate or how he slept. I understand the character development concept, but perhaps, there are too many allegories. The sad thing is that with so many allegories they seem to lose value. Perhaps I shall trudge through it, but it seems to make writing seem so ridged. Writing is free and flowing, channeled through the writer, what good would it be to straighten the thoughts of the writer like a rail. That would be a tragedy. To lose a free thinking mind would be terrible, they no longer seem to care about the arts, but instead the sciences and math have taken a strong foothold as being more important.
This importance takes away from all the ideas that are being caged in a new way; limited only in that the idea is less important than the reality. The limitation cages the beautiful future of what could have been, whereas the reality, driven so powerfully by the wills of those with money, crushes anything they do not approve. Writing isn’t about approval, it is about expression, igniting the flame within so that it may shine through and touch somebody else. It is a sensual part of the writer showing vulnerability and feeling. No longer should writing have grammar laws that straighten out the rail, instead we should curve the rail into its caged idea. We should allow the writer to dip within themselves and be free to shower the idea with all kinds of possibilities, for it is by seeing all the possibilities that show the best way to get somewhere is not always a straight line.


marenmc October 24, 2007 at 2:40 PM  

ee cummings He twisted the crap out of grammar rules and everything and he's famous for it, not because it's ridiculed and people say, "Oh look at this guy, he thinks he's a poet? He doesn't even know how to use puntuation!" No, it is because he had the courage to forge his own path. To quote Robert Frost, "And I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference." Which road will you take?

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